The day after the Thanksgiving celebration in the United States, Los Angeles City Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa announced at a press conference that members of the Occupy LA movement had 48 hours to pack their belongings and leave City Hall Park. He indicated that the encampment occupiers had set was a health hazard for the public.

Two hours before the deadline on Sunday, November 27th, 2011, Chief LAPD Charlie Beck sent around 400 police officers to enforce the eviction of members of the Occupy movement, however thousands of people showed up to support the occupation. Police officers were told to leave the City Hall Park surroundings. Occupiers celebrated with hope.

Two days later, following the pressure from the media and from the private sector, the Mayor ordered a raid 30 minutes after midnight on the morning of November 30th, this time with 1,400 police officers wearing riot gear with batons, tear gas and plastic bullet guns. Almost three hundred people from all walks of life resisted the eviction and were arrested, including writers, musicians, artists, homeless individuals and college students.

Police abuse took place during and after the arrests. The civil liberties were suspended right in front of thousands of people who were there as witnesses to this event.

The following morning Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa said at a press conference that he couldn’t be prouder of the LAPD after cleaning City Hall Park in what he considered the finest moment in the history of the city’s police department, and the mainstream media celebrated the raid as the end of Occupy LA.